USC Freehand

Check out our biggest project team and the work they are doing to provide children around the world with 3D printed prostheses!

Scale Model of Campus

Our Scale Model team is looking to do big things this semester! From adding LED lights to highlight buildings and pathways on campus, to including Braille legends and keys for visually impaired visitors, the team is working on some pretty amazing things!

3D Body Scanner

A new project this semester, the 3D Body Scanning Project aims to create a powerful, motorized stage that will rotate and allow users to scan themselves into a .STL file format using SKANECT software. This project has the capacity to help other teams like USC Freehand when customizing prostheses to the individual, or printing out our members to be placed on the scale model of campus!

Bicep Assist

A brand new project this semester, our team will be working very intimately to design a device that helps therapeutically treat complications of the brachial plexus.

Design Team

This team is focused on the nitty-gritty! Often working with both mechanical and electrical components, students are actively engaged with design constraints and parameters posed by a different design prompt every semester.

The Fall 2015 Semester kicks off with a new project, our Printer Redesign. Members will be redesigning our very first printer, the PrintrBot Simple, to make it more efficient.

Printer Redesign

Our team will be working to repurpose our first 3D printer, the PrintrBot Simple, to make it more efficient! People who want to get very intimately involved in seeing how 3D printers work, this project is for you!