People. Community. Culture.

3D4E, aka '3D For Everyone', is a project based organization that allows students of all academic backgrounds and disciplines to get more experience with 3D printing. We aim to provide meaningful experiences for individuals looking to get more intimately involved in the 3D printing environment. Check out some of our projects to see ways to get involved.

As a member of 3D4E, students gain unique experience in multiple ways. The nature of the organization is to grow through shared competencies, but at 3D4E, it pays to be different. This strategy will continue to engage new perspectives, and although challenging, this has proven to be key to the collaboration and advancement seen in our communities.

Membership benefits have included hands on learning experiences that have stretched to speaking engagements at Autodesk, internships with start-up companies, and the chance to give back to communities. Join today, contribute, and build your own tomorrow!

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Applause? Please direct your questions to our central email, 3d4eusc@gmail.com. If you're interested in starting a chapter at your university, please contact 3d4enational@gmail.com.